License Assets + Start-Up Companies

The CCAB currently holds over 1000 validated leads against more than 200 targets in its existing pipeline, that are available for licensing. This extensive portfolio of antibodies consists of high-value therapeutic antibodies in early preclinical development with target indications including various cancers, autoimmune, inflammation, and infectious diseases.


The current CCAB antibody portfolio represents a fraction of the TRAC collection of antibodies and biologics, where over 250 targets have been screened, yielding over 4000 unique biologic compositions. Newly obtained antibodies and synthetic proteins are continuously being added to the collection.

Soon, CCAB will be expanding its portfolio to include the synthetic protein variants on a variety of scaffolds that are currently in the validation stage.

Evaluation, Testing & Licensing: CCAB facilitates access to the portfolio through a streamlined licensing process flexible to its partner’s needs, whereby the Product Development team at CCAB is able to provide specified quantities (micrograms to grams) of antibodies/synthetic proteins of choice to support proof-of-concept / evaluation studies. This reduces the time, risk, and cost associated with bringing new products to market.

Start-up Creation and Investment Attraction

CCAB is pursuing the formation of single and multi-asset start-up companies as part of its goal of growing the biotech community within Canada through various models.

Supporting Local Entrepreneurs: CCAB will work with Entrepreneur driven start-up companies, founded on platform technologies or assets licensed from CCAB. These start-up companies can access a number of incubation-type services, including antibody/synthetic protein development (production, affinity maturation, characterization) and business development support (legal, IP management, and accounting).

Investment Attraction: CCAB is also currently developing and advancing a small but growing number of novel in-house therapeutic programs in collaboration with our strategic partners with the aim of completing key preclinical proof-of-concept studies and the identification of development candidates for scale up. These programs will form the basis for the attraction of investment capital and creation of single or multi-asset start-up companies.

Companies founded on technologies from TRAC/CCAB, include:



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