New technology uncovers unexpected protein behaviour

By CCAB - October 4, 2017 6:30 pm (leave your thoughts)

Image: Pixabay

New technology uncovers unexpected protein behaviour

A research team led by Dr. Sachdev Sidhu, CCAB’S chief scientific officer and a professor at the University of Toronto’s Donnelly Centre, has developed a new technology that will help scientists understand how genetic mutations affect protein interactions, which can lead to the development of diseases.

The study, led by Research Associate Dr. Joan Teyra, focused on a group of proteins that control cell growth and are often mutated in cancer. Using a new technology that combines state-of-the-art protein engineering with rapid DNA sequencing, the team found that the proteins have the potential to bind to a more diverse set of partners than previously thought. The findings make a significant contribution to our understanding of how this group of proteins works. Read more about the significance of this study.

The results were published in the September 7 issue of Structure.

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