About CCAB

The Centre for the Commercialization of Antibodies and Biologics (CCAB) provides expertise in product and business development to rapidly translate inventions toward achieving a real impact within the healthcare system and the broader scientific research community.

Combining in-house capacities in the development of therapeutics, diagnostics and reagents, with the support of start-up companies in these areas, CCAB aims to:

  • Help create new companies to build and sustain Canada’s economic footprint in the life sciences and biotechnology sector;
  • Stimulate an increase in domestic and international partnerships and investments in Canada’s life sciences and biotechnology sector; and
  • Develop novel diagnostics and therapeutics that will improve the lives of patients, within Canada and around the world.


Our Mission – to lead Canada towards establishing a major presence in the therapeutics sector.

In the past decade, recombinant antibody technology has undergone dramatic advances and now represents a major driving force in the development of new targeted therapies against cancer and other devastating diseases.

CCAB was established at the University of Toronto with the goal of creating a powerful pipeline from academic biologics discoveries to commercialization. Expanding this mission, CCAB is focused on bridging the gap in the development of Canadian therapeutics by working with founders and start-up companies developing their own technology.

To this end, CCAB provides:

person holding test tube

C-Lab at CCAB

High quality antibody and protein
products, services and solutions

Company Creation

Supporting local entrepreneurs
and attracting investment

Antibody Reagents

Research-grade antibodies
for reagent use