Alain Bendavid, Director – Intellectual Property

Leveraging over 12 years’ intellectual property expertise, including both corporate and law firm practices, Alain’s responsibilities include formulating and implementing IP strategy in support of CCAB’s business development interests.

Prior to joining CCAB, Alain was Director of Intellectual Property at GeneNews/Chondrogene, where he successfully established a broad and innovative US/foreign patent portfolio covering a pioneering platform technology for genome-scale blood-based diagnostics, including the world’s first commercial blood test for colorectal cancer. Alain’s role at CCAB further benefits from his prior practice in the law firm of Ehrlich & Fenster, involving extensive handling of immunological inventions, including in molecular and cellular immunotherapy, vaccines, diagnostics, transplantation, cancer and autoimmune disease.

Alain received a PhD in Immunology from The Weizmann Institute of Science for conceiving costimulatory/“2nd-generation” CAR T cell therapy and experimentally demonstrating proof-of-principle for this powerful and ground breaking antibody-based strategy for treatment of cancer and other diseases.


Phone: 647-715-2340