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C-Lab is a protein production and characterization facility operating within CCAB. C-Lab leverages the scientific expertise and experience of producing antibodies, reagents and proteins for developmental and commercialization purposes. Our mission is to provide reliable, high quality protein and services to enable research and pre-clinical programs in both industry and academic communities.

The Product Development team of scientists at C-Lab is able to produce the antibody or synthetic protein that you need to help your project succeed. We will work with you to offer a comprehensive, customizable package that includes everything you need to achieve your goals. Contact us.

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C-Lab Antibody and Protein Services


Antibody and Protein Production

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C-Lab has broad expertise in the production of recombinant antibodies  and proteins using a transient mammalian expression system and purification by Protein A chromatography.


Custom Solutions

The protein engineering experts at C-Lab understand that a standard protocol may not be ideal for all proteins. Therefore, we also offer optimized purification solutions.


Antibody Engineering and Protein Mutagenesis

C-Lab antibody engineering  and protein mutagenesis services allow for rapid reconfiguring of your antibody of interest as well as other protein mutagenesis solutions.


Antibody Characterization

C-Lab supports researchers with our antibody and protein characterization service options, including a range of binding assays and biophysical characterization.


Plasmid Services

The C-Lab scientific team can generate research grade DNA with a fast turnaround time to meet your requirements and timelines.




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