Custom Solutions

custom solutions
Our team understands that a standard purification protocol may not be ideal for all proteins. Therefore, we offer a range of optimized custom solutions, including alternative elution buffers, early buffer formulation testing, and endotoxin testing and removal services.


Modified Purification Protocol for Sensitive Proteins

C-Lab has successfully developed and used a modified protocol for the purification of proteins that have proved to be sensitive to our standard purification protocol. With this modified protocol, the protein of interest is eluted in a near-neutral, high-salt elution buffer, followed by buffer exchange into a gentler buffer formulation. If your protein of interest does not handle the standard purification protocols and you are interested in trying this modified protocol, contact us to find the best solution for your project.

Early Buffer Formulation Testing

The C-Lab team can work with you to explore early buffer formulation strategies for your protein of interest. We use a 2-step optimization strategy that includes a pH screen followed by an additive screen. During the pH screen, we identify the closest-to-neutral pH at which your protein of interest is stable. Following this, buffer additives that are typically used in FDA-approved therapeutic antibody formulations are explored to determine in which additives your protein should be most stable. By combining both the pH screen and the additive screen, we can recommend the most appropriate buffers that can be applied to your protein as an optimization strategy during the purification of your protein.

Custom Buffers

Do you have specific buffer requirements for your downstream applications? The C-Lab team has the technical and scientific expertise to provide you with the buffer you require.

Endotoxin Testing and Removal Services

Given the toxic effects of endotoxin on biological assays, C-Lab offers two strategies to remove unwanted endotoxin from your samples. Each endotoxin removal project undergoes a small-scale evaluation to determine which process is most effective in reducing endotoxin levels, while also maximizing protein recovery. Following the pilot, a larger scale removal process is undertaken.

If you have a sample that you simply need to have tested to determine the level of endotoxin, we can accommodate your needs with our Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) test method utilizing FDA-licensed cartridges.

Alternative Antibody Modalities

In addition to our standard services, C-Lab works with partners to provide de novo solutions for their unique or proprietary research and drug discovery programs. Some of the engineered products available include:


If you have a purification project that does not fall within our standard production protocol and is not outlined above, contact us to discuss your needs and let C-Lab customize a work plan for you.