Plasmid Services

plasmid DNA preparation
The C-Lab scientific team can generate research-grade DNA with a fast turnaround time to meet your requirements and timelines. We offer various scales of plasmid DNA preparation from mini to maxi size, providing up to milligram quantities of transfection-ready DNA.


*Actual yield will vary depending on the plasmid.

High-Throughput Solutions

C-Lab offers solutions for customers needing a small amount of DNA from a large number of samples (48 or more).  We provide high-throughput options, with the same DNA quality of the larger scale.

Quality Control

All plasmid preps are quality-controlled for parameters including A260/A280 ratio, concentration and gel analysis.  For other requirements (e.g. sequence analysis, restriction digests, etc.) contact our team to discuss your specific needs.

One-Stop Downstream Solution

Simplify your workflow by combining our Plasmid Services with our Antibody and Protein Production Services.

If the scale or yield you require is not listed, contact us to discuss further.