Antibody and Protein Production

Beyond antibodies, C-Lab can also purify any Fc-tagged or “antibody-like” protein of interest. We offer various scales of antibody and protein production, expression and purification, starting from 2 ml up to >litre scales, accommodating delivery of anywhere from 100 µgs to 1 gram of purified protein. C-Lab also offers high-throughput expression and purification panels for sets of 24 or more antibodies or proteins at once. Scale and cost will vary depending on the purification requirements.  Contact us to discuss your specific project needs.

What’s our process?

Using our unique mammalian expression vector and our licensed HEK293 cell line, we initiate all production projects with a pilot study. This pilot study begins with your sequence, in either our vector system or yours, followed by an evaluation of both the expression and purification of your desired protein. Following completion and establishment of a production titre, we will then provide you with a quote to proceed with the large scale protein production, or, if needed, discuss optimization strategies.

various scales of antibody and protein production, expression and purification

C-Lab offers discounts to first-time clients and academic institutions on all custom services.