Antibody Engineering and Protein Mutagenesis

C-Lab has expertise working with a wide range of antibody formats, species and isotypes, as well as protein point mutations, insertions, deletions and truncations. Combine your antibody engineering and protein mutagenesis request with our Antibody and Protein Production Services, where we will provide expert support taking you from your theoretical sequence to antibody/protein in hand.


Species and Isoform Switching (Chimerization)

Our service focuses on using the original variable domains of your antibody combined with the constant domain from the species and isoform of your choice. Our current expertise focuses on the isotype IgG, within the human and mouse frameworks. If you require an antibody chimera outside of those listed below, do not hesitate to enquire.


expertise working with a wide range of antibody formats, species and isotypes


Antibody Formats and Fragmentations

The C-Lab team understands that there are a range of applications whereby alternative antibody formats or fragmentations offer an ideal alternative to the traditional full-length antibody. C-Lab can easily amend vector and production systems to accommodate these needs. Our team has experience in producing various antibody formats and fragmentations including: Fab, scFv-Fc, VH-Fc, bi-specific IgGs and BiTEs. If you have a specific project that requires the use of alternative antibody formats, contact us to discuss your needs.


Antibody and Protein Mutagenesis

The C-Lab team has several methods available to precisely mutate your antibody or protein of interest, ensuring high accuracy, efficiency and a fast turnaround time. Whether you require single or multiple mutations, including substitutions, deletions, insertions or protein truncations, C-Lab has the expertise to meet all your project needs.