Ghadeer Shubassi, Scientific Manager – Reagents Development

Ghadeer leads the scientific management for antibody reagents at CCAB. Her expertise lies in DNA damage response (DDR) signalling pathways and how they cross-link with cytoplasmic processes such as autophagy, TOR and AMPK.

After obtaining her PhD in Biochemistry in 2008 (University of Toronto), she pursued her post-doctoral fellowship at the FIRC Institute for Molecular Oncology (IFOM – Milan), during which she pioneered a novel pipeline in Dr. Marco Foaini’s lab that led to the development of a team focussed on investigating metabolic pathways in cancer and aging.

Ghadeer participated in several symposia addressing the clinical implications of CDK4/6 inhibitors with the journal eCancer as well as in the development of e-learning modules. She brings extensive experience in project management, scientific writing, lecturing and public speaking in North America and Europe.


Phone: 647-715-2365