Immunobiochem secures new financing

By CCAB - December 20, 2017 3:19 pm (leave your thoughts)

Immunobiochem secures new financing, moves to JLABS @ Toronto

Immunobiochem Corporation, a CCAB partner, has announced that the company has completed a new round of financing and is now located at JLABS @ Toronto. Read Immunobiochem’s full release.

Earlier this year, CCAB and Immunobiochem announced a partnership to develop new therapies for cancer treatment. CCAB is supporting the development of fully-human therapeutic antibodies against Immunobiochem’s lead cancer target. The company’s highest priority is to develop a therapy for triple-negative breast cancer – an aggressive disease with poor survival that does not respond to currently available therapies.

“We are excited about ImmunoBiochem’s novel therapeutic strategy to address unmet medical needs in such challenging indications as triple-negative-breast cancer,” said Robert Verhagen, CEO of CCAB. “By applying CCAB’s state-of-the-art technology and protein engineering expertise to ImmunoBiochem’s innovations in tumor microenvironment targeting, we have helped ImmunoBiochem develop high-value therapeutic candidates with game-changing potential in the fight against cancer.”

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