CCAB-sponsored fellowship: Dr. Maryna Gorelik

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Dr. Maryna Gorelik

CCAB-sponsored fellowship: Dr. Maryna Gorelik

Sept. 2016 – CCAB is sponsoring postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Maryna Gorelik, supervised by Dr. Jason Moffat (University of Toronto), through the MITACS Elevate Program. Dr. Gorelik’s work is focused on a family of membrane-bound receptors called Ephrins/Ephrin Receptors, which function in cell-cell communication. As the signaling network formed by these proteins is extremely complex, the goal of this project is to engineer a toolkit of antibody molecules that target individual Ephrins/Ephrin Receptors to decipher these intricate pathways. Since Ephrins/Ephrin Receptors have been implicated in several diseases, notably brain cancer, these antibodies will provide a means to exploit the network for therapeutic purposes. Read the project abstract here.

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