Antibody Reagents

reagent antibodiesThrough a rigorous selection process, CCAB has developed a portfolio of monoclonal research-grade reagent antibodies against an array of human targets involved in various diseases such as cancer and autoimmune disorders, highlighting the antibodies’ therapeutic value. The antibodies exhibit competitive properties for reagent use primarily by Flow Cytometry and ELISA applications. Read our recent blog to learn about the antibody reagent market.


How to order:

CCAB is partnering with MédiMabs Antibodies for global distribution of our antibodies. For researchers based in Toronto, contact MedStore at the University of Toronto. Order information is available in the tables below.

What CCAB offers:

  • A robust portfolio of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against an array of human cell surface proteins
  • Synthetic antibodies in different modalities and formats given the recombinant nature of our technology
  • High specificity and sensitivity of antibody binding to its relevant target
  • A robust set of validated antibodies using Flow Cytometry & ELISA
  • Isoform-specific mAbs that allow profiling of proteins within a single receptor tyrosine kinase (RTK) family

Human Recombinant Antibody Portfolio

Our Specialty: Comprehensive sets of protein family profilers

  • Isoform-specific antibodies within a receptor protein family
  • Allows researchers to profile a family of RTK proteins

*FC = Flow Cytometry
*IF = Immunofluorescence

Customer support

For inquiries, please contact reagents@ccabcanadacom.