Start-up Creation & Licensing of Assets

Company creation and investment attraction

Company Creation & Investment Attraction

CCAB is pursuing the formation and growth of single and multi-asset start-up companies, through various models, as part of its goal of growing the biotech community within Canada.

Supporting local entrepreneurs: CCAB will work with entrepreneur-driven start-up companies, founded on platform technologies or assets licensed from CCAB or who may have existing technologies that represent potential opportunities for further development. These start-up companies can access a number of incubation-type services, including drug development program management, antibody or synthetic protein development (production, affinity maturation and characterization) and business development support (legal, intellectual property management and accounting).

Investment attraction: CCAB is also currently developing and advancing a small but growing number of novel in-house therapeutic programs in collaboration with our strategic partners with the aim of completing key pre-clinical proof-of-concept studies and the identification of candidate therapeutic antibodies for scale up. These programs will form the basis for the attraction of investment capital and creation of single or multi-asset start-up companies.

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How we work with start-up companies

Licensing of Assets

CCAB currently holds validated lead antibodies against numerous targets that are available for licensing. This extensive portfolio of antibodies consists of high-value therapeutic antibodies in early preclinical development with target indications including various cancers, autoimmune and infectious diseases.

Targets + Associated Indications


Portfolio of antibodies available for licensing


Evaluation, Testing and Licensing: CCAB facilitates access to its portfolio through a streamlined licensing process flexible to its partners’ needs, whereby the C-Lab team can provide specified quantities (micrograms to grams) of antibodies or synthetic proteins of choice to support proof-of-concept and evaluation studies. This reduces the time, risk and cost associated with bringing new products to market.


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How CCAB supports start-up companies